Hotel Savoy NYC

Dominic Huber with Lara Körte, Knut Jensen and Anne Hölck / 1014 Fifth Avenue New York City / A blendwerk production Presented in association with the Goethe-Institut New York and PS122

With its overlapping of Joseph Roth’s novel, reality, and contemporary history, HOTEL SAVOY opens up a world between dream and reality in the history-laden and often unseen spaces of 1014 5th Avenue. Visitors become guests in the empty hotel and encounter past employees: an elevator operator, a young maid, the hotel barber, the concierge, and a barmaid. These gatekeepers lead us into remote corners of the building, into unreal hotel rooms and real salons still haunted by spirits of past occupants. Against the background of this surreal through-station for German exiles, visitors are faced with questions about their own heritage in these restless and unanchored times. Guests play the lead role in their brief stay at the Hotel Savoy.

Concept, Staging, Spaces: Dominic Huber / Artistic Collaboration, Dramaturgy: Anne Hoelck / Sound Design: Knut Jensen / Staging, Collaboration Script: Lara Koerte / Fabian Offert (Assistant Director, Props and Set Dressing) / Paula Reissig (Assistant Director, Props and Set Dressing, Documentation) / Phillip Gulley (Assistant Cast) / With: Wickham Boyle, Howard des Chenes, Tom Gallucio, Léna Greenberg, Chandler Gregoire, Timothy Hospodar, Michael Simmons, Richard Stein, Issac Taylor, Heather Warner / Co-Producer blendwerk: Dominic Huber / Production Goethe Institut: Philipp Leist / Michael Sanabria (Technical Supervisor Goethe Institut) / Nick Bixby (Technical Producer) / Joe Cantalupo (Light Technician) / Brendan Regimbal (Sound Technician) / Ryan Holsopple (Sound Technician) / Brandon Morris (Construction) / Andrew Scoville (Construction) / Lisa Pfister (Construction)

“You are checking into an hour of existential angst, with only your spiritual baggage for company…Certainly my hour inside put me in the mood for Halloween.” – Charles Isherwood, The New York Times

“The building exerts a strange pull over its visitors” – Helen Shaw, Time Out New York

“I don’t want to give anything away, on the off chance that you squeeze in…I’d recommend simply wandering until they come for you. And don’t worry, they’ll come for you. They always come for you.” – Scott Brown, NY Magazine

“There’s hardly a short age of Halloween attractions this time of year, but few are as haunting as Hotel Savoy – Frank Scheck, NY Post

“At only $25 per night, Hotel Savoy provides budget travelers with a distinct theatrical bargain” – Alexis Soloski, The Village Voice

CRITICS’ PICK – Backstage

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